Our Chalmar Beef on site farm abattoir complex  – completed in 2002 – is the most recently built grade A beef abattoir in South Africa.

We are the only company in South Africa to exclusively harvest cattle from our own feedlot.

The planning of the complex was an international effort with experts in the abattoir, de-boning and cooling industries brought to South Africa to consult us every step of the way.This effort has been rewarded with Chalmar Beef consistently winning the prestigious Gauteng Abattoir of the Year competition for 11 years.

The facility, which took 5 years to complete, is made up of various departments; namely the abattoir, rough offal and hides , red offal, wholesale, de-boning and processing all under one roof, allowing us to take full custody of the cold chain and ensuring that it is never broken. Every department has its own finger print system so that there is no cross contamination between people from the various departments.


Our decision to invest in a new facility built on our farm a mere 800m from the feedlot was crucial in producing top quality tender beef. Our cattle are walked over for harvest and not transported by truck which may be stressful for the animals. One of our main aims, and equally one of our successes, has been to decrease the amount of stress experienced by our cattle. This is crucial, not only for ethical reasons, but essential in the  production of tender beef as stress has a negative impact on beef tenderness and juiciness.