Animal Health and Production



Upon entering the feedlot all our cattle go through a vaccination program in an effort to prevent disease. Together with our consulting veterinarian we ensure that we stay on the cutting edge of vaccine technology. We use internationally recognised vaccines that have been proven effective over time.



Our trained stockmen evaluate each animal twice a day to ensure early detection and treatment of disease. Early detection and treatment is vital to allow a quick and full recovery. If an animal is sick (respiratory infection, sprain, tick borne disease, etc.) it is taken to the “hospital system”. There, just like human beings when they are sick, the animal is treated with the correct antibiotics or anti-inflammatory as prescribed by the consulting veterinarian and marked with a code which clearly indicates the day of treatment as well as the antibiotic used to ensure compliance with the mandatory withdrawal period.

Each animal has an individual identity number which is recorded together with the information with regards to the disease, the name of the antibiotic as well as the date and dose of the injection. This information is then later captured on our server and used for trace-ability purposes if a query does arise.

The hospital pens are given a special feed to assist the animal in its recovery process. The cattle are closely monitored to ensure that a correct diagnosis has been made in the first place. Only after a full recovery will

Each antibiotic has a specific withdrawal period. This is the period that must lapse after treatment before the animal may be harvested. This withdrawal period is stated in the registration documents of the medication and must be adhered to by law in an effort to ensure consumer safety which is of utmost importance to Chalmar Beef.


We are very strict in our selection of growth enhancers. We only use mild growth enhancers as the more potent growth enhancers do tend to have a negative impact on meat tenderness. For this reason it costs us more to produce beef than our competitors but we are not prepared to forego tenderness, for substantial growth.

We use a growth enhancer because it decreases the amount of feed needed to produce beef. This has two consequences namely the beef becomes more affordable and a lower environmental impact than non-implanted cattle as all available resources (feed and water) are used optimally. Furthermore growth enhancers decrease the amount of fat in the beef making it a healthier product for the consumer.

Not only must the product carry a South African registration but the product must be registered by the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) in America . This company policy is there to ensure consumer safety as the FDA is globally recognised as a leading authority on pharmaceutical products and consumer safety.