Deboning can be described as the process where a hind or fore quarter of beef is taken and then worked into various primal cuts of beef. The primal cuts taken from a hind quarter are :  sirloin, T-bone, rump, fillet, Silverside,  Topside, Shin and knuckle. These primal cuts are vacuum sealed which allows for an extended shelf life. Selected cuts are matured before being distributed.

Our de-boning hall – where the meat is cut – is situated right next to the wholesale department.The de-boning hall is temperature controlled at 8 degrees centigrade to ensure a hygienic work environment.  Hygiene is the name of the game because every cut exposes a new surface of beef to potentially harmful bacteria which leads to a shorter shelf life. Our packaged primal cuts are matured in chillers which maintain the temperature between 2 and 4 degrees centigrade. This is extremely important as a too low a temperature will decrease the rate of maturing or stop it all together ( when frozen ) and too high a temperature will allow bacteria to grow which will spoil the meat.

Our quarters (hind & fore), de-boned and processed beef are dispatched to our customers from our facility in trucks which have fully insulated bodies and cooling units. These cooling units work independently from the trucks engine and therefore product temperature is not compromised when the truck is turned off or standing still in traffic .These units maintain the temperature in the insulated body below 6 degrees centigrade. Daily temperature log sheets are completed to ensure the cold chain is not compromised.