Origin of Chalmar Beef


In 1965 on a modest plot in Kempton Park. Wimpie Wethmar, who was 17 years of age, bought his first 4 friesland cattle. These 4 cattle were lovingly tended to until they were harvested and sold for a profit in December of that same year igniting a passion that would continue to this day.
After that Wimpie expanded his herd to accommodate 10 cattle whilst completing his schooling and working for Mr. Chalinor, a chicken farmer, during school holidays.

After Wimpie matriculated with university exemption, and to the dismay of his parents who wanted Wimpie to become an accountant. Mr. Chalinor offered him a permanent position on the chicken farm. Wimpie took the position on one condition; that he was going to continue raising cattle. Mr. Chalinor agreed with a condition of his own; Mr Chalinor was to be a partner in the cattle raising venture. Furthermore he would put the money up to purchase the cattle and Wimpie would provide the labour before and after work on the chicken farm. With these conditions acceptable on both parties a gentlemens agreement was struck.

Sadly, a year later Mr. Chalinor passed away. Mrs. Chalinor decided to continue with the farming operations with Wimpie and in 1969 the cattle venture had expanded to 1,000 head of cattle. The original plot in Kempton Park was bursting at the seams and the decision was made to relocate the operation close to Bapsfontein. In 1969 a company called CHALMAR BEEF (Pty) Ltd. was registered. The name a combination of CHALinor and wethMAR. In 1970 the chicken business was closed to focus solely on producing quality, tender beef.

In 1976 Wimpie Wethmar bought the Chalinor 50% stake in Chalmar Beef (Pty) Ltd to become the sole owner of Chalmar Beef. Through hard work, a passion for cattle and an entrepreneurial spirit Chalmar Beef has grown to become one of the most trusted and sought after beef to restaurateurs, premium butchers and chefs throughout South Africa.


[dh_quote visibility=”all” cite=”Wimpie Wethmar – 26 February 1948 – 3 July 2014. RIP”]The beef industry, having grown from the need to feed the nation without over-grazing arable land is a great and strong industry that does not allow any role-player to dictate or control it.

From small and humble beginnings Chalmar Beef has grown annually and the future, under the mantel of a great second generation, looks set to reflect the successes of the past.[/dh_quote]