The Legend Continues – Chalmar Beef Today


Today the Chalmar Beef farm and abattoir operation includes over 300 dedicated and passionate people, it has a farm feedlot capacity of 18 000 cattle and a further 10 000 cattle on pasture.  The farm also produces 30 000 tons of maize silage on 750ha of high potential soil.
In 2002 Chalmar Beef completed the building of its own abattoir and deboning plant which has won the GAUTENG ABATTOIR OF THE YEAR competition (which is based on hygiene and animal welfare) consecutively for the past 10 years. The company is still fully owned and operated by the Wethmar family who run the daily operations.


[dh_member style=”below” visibility=”all” name=”Willem Wethmar” job=”CEO” avatar=”6937″]
[dh_member style=”below” visibility=”all” name=”Sarah Wethmar” job=”Executive Director” avatar=”6931″]
[dh_member style=”below” visibility=”all” name=”Murray Pienaar” job=”Financial Director” avatar=”6933″]
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