Chalmar Beef Newsletter 11th Edition

Spring is around the corner and we just love the smell in the air that comes with it. The summer rains mean greener pastures, and who says grass is not always greener on the other side?

We have been very fortunate in terms of customer feedback and have compiled a list of reasons why they like our products –

Reasons why people love Chalmar Beef

  • Visual appeal. Colour, grain and fantastic marbling (fat found within a cut of meat and between the muscle fibres themselves)
  • Flavour is beefy and not synthetic and of the highest quality
  • It is firm and tender muscle
  • Shrinkage in cooking is minimal
  • Shelf like is excellent

Please feel free to add to the list, send us your feedback via email, facebook or twitter.
Until next time….

Sarah Wethmar

Girls on Fire

13th August at Sunkist Garden Pavilion
Wow, what an amazing evening, with great food and even better company.

Hosted by The Weber Academy, Sunkist Garden Pavilion and Chalmar Beef, our ladies dressed to impress and enjoyed perfecting their own meals on the grills.

This charity event saw 120 ladies digging deep, buying raffle tickets in aid of the Reach for a Dream Foundation. We thanks all attendees for their contributions.

We were also privileged to have Peter Goffe-Wood as our celebrity guest, ensuring the ladies were kept entertained and above all informed of how to operate the Weber “machine” and better yet – how to ensure the best steak ever.

Ultimate Braai Master Season 4


Biltong and droe wors is out as we wait for the launch of the Ultimate Braai Master season 4, in September on e-tv.
Make sure you tune in and let us know which team you support – more about it later, we don’t want to spoil the fun!

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Making news again…

Where did we feature?

Chef Magazine


Read full story here

Where will we feature?

Tjop and Dop magazine AND Ginja Magazine but you will have to wait until it hit the shelves to see for yourself

Memories are made of this…

Thanks to the mommies and daddy’s for taking the time to share these cute pics with us, we just love to see it!

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