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Frozen Mexican Soup 1KG

A fragrant soup with tender beef, Mexican spices, loaded with veggies and a hint of chilli.

R 149.00 / kg
  • Ingredients: Beef stock (36%), Cooked Beef (16%), Corn (15%), Tomatoes (14%), Potatoes (7%), Carrots (6%), Garlic, Oregano, Cumin, Chilli, Fresh Corrander, Salt.Beef stock contains: Water, Beef Broth, Onions, Carrot, Celery, Salt, Onion, Vinegar, Sugar, Beef fat, Corn starch, Flavouring, Canola oil (Antioxidant: Tocopherol), Tomato paste, Fresh garlic, Pectin, Caramel colourant, Fresh thyme, Stabiliser: Xanthan gum, Black pepper.Allergens: Made in Chalmar Farm Kitchen which uses wheat.