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Serves 3-4 | 3 Hours 5 Mins | Easy

RICH BEEF OXTAIL STEW Rich and hearty. This stew is packed with vegetables, strong beefy flavours and the added surprise of melt-in-your-mouth butterbeans. What you’ll love: This stew is delicious when fresh but it is even better the next day, if there is any leftover!

Serves 3-4 | 15 Mins | Easy

Almond and herb crusted schnitzel with pea, mint and feta smash. When you live a gluten-free lifestyle, you’re always looking for ways to re-make your favourite dishes to fit your diet. Using almond flour is a great substitute for bread crumbs or flour. Almond flour coats easily, fries well and offer a much nicer nuttier […]

Serves 1-2 | 25 Mins | Easy

Is there anything better than a T-bone steak in this meat world? Add a beer and it’s about as close to perfection as you can get.

Serves 3-4 | 45 Mins | Easy

Be match ready with these Cheese and Bovril sausage rolls…We’re staking our bets on these being the best sausage rolls you’ve ever tasted. Cut them into mini portions as a canape or portion them longer for lunch.

Serves 1-2 | 5 Mins | Easy

Springbokkie and peppermint crisp shooters.

Serves 10-12 | 20 Mins | Easy

Sliders are great. Not only do they look cool when you line them up for the perfect shot, but you can eat three of them and not feel guilty.

Serves 3-4 | 10 Mins | Easy

How about mixing biltong, dark chocolate and popcorn? This easy to make recipe will entice your taste buds and satisfy your cravings.

Serves 4-6 | 2 Hours 5 Mins | Easy

Bunny chow is such an easy and great dish to make and everyone loves it! It can be made with lamb or beef.

Serves 30-35 | 2 Hours 30 Mins | Medium

ONE of the most enjoyed Indian snacks of all time has to be samoosas!

Serves 4-6 | 1 Hour 30 Mins | Easy

This hearty stew is so quick and easy!

Serves 6-8 | 4 Hours 15 Mins | Easy

Traditionally bobotie is made from either lamb or beef mince. We used boneless shin instead of mince. The connective tissue of the shin is broken down through slow cooking over heat and results in moist, tender meat with rich flavour. What you’ll love: Iconic South African dish with a twist.

Serves 6-8 | 45 Mins | Easy

We love biltong tart any time of day. It’s great served fresh from the oven, chilled from the fridge, or even re-warmed three days later. What you’ll love: Give this recipe a try, because biltong, just makes everything better.

Serves 6-8 | 30 Mins | Easy

Make some Biltong potjie this weekend!

Serves 4-6 | 1 Hour 10 Mins | Easy

Uniquely South African flavours come together in this much-loved heritage meal prepared by Lizzy Marindili as a tribute to our rich food culture.

Serves 4-6 | 55 Mins | Easy

This flop-proof omelette is one of Lizzy Marindili’s signature dishes.

Serves 4-6 | 2 Hours 45 Mins | Easy

Using the cola as the cooking liquid to slow braise CHALMAR BEEF OXTAIL results in fall-off-the-bone meat and an indulgent sticky caramelised sauce.

Serves 4-6 | 3 Hours 5 Mins | Easy

Packed with flavour this rustic pâté works wonderfully as a starter, accompaniment to a cheese board or as picnic fare.

Serves 4-6 | 1 Hour 15 Mins | Easy

These Mediterranean skewers are the perfect outdoor fare.

Serves 6-8 | 1 Hour 10 Mins | Easy

When I say shepherd’s pie and you say cottage pie we all have the same dish in mind – deliciously flavoured minced meat bubbling under a blanket of buttery mash.

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