Special Occasions

Serves 10-12 | 5 Hours 25 Mins | Easy

Green fig and biltong terrine with ciabatta melba toast Stunning-made-easy. This delicious starter from our Chalmar Farm Kitchen revives the tradition of grand moulded dishes in a modern way. Serve it with rustic homemade Melba toast. What we love about it: The sweetness of the figs and the saltiness of the biltong dust form a […]

Serves 8-10 | 2 Hours 30 Mins | Easy

For a cold starter arrange thinly sliced cold beef tongue in a wreath, sassing it up with honey-mustard sauce. It’s tender and the flavour is perfect. What we love about it: Cooking pickled tongue couldn’t be simpler. There’s no pre-prepping and it poaches virtually unattended, filling the kitchen with delicious aromas.

Serves 30-35 | 2 Hours 30 Mins | Medium

ONE of the most enjoyed Indian snacks of all time has to be samoosas!

Serves 4-6 | 2 Hours 50 Mins | Medium

We made something to warm you up – a delicious pie filled with melting tender beef, mushrooms, baby onions and a rich gravy.

Serves 6- | 1 Hour 5 Mins | Easy

Tomato bredie is home cooking, and every household has its distinct take, though the basics are the same.

Serves 4- | 35 Mins | Easy

These light, feathery biltong scones will be a delicious addition to the Mother’s Day breakfast tray.

Serves 6- | 40 Mins | Easy

Cabbage and apple come together in this wonderful side dish - ready in about 40 minutes.

Serves 6-8 | 1 Hour 30 Mins | Easy

Easter calls for this cheeky chocolate hot cross bun pudding. The chocolate melts into the orange custard making it more decadent and luxurious.

Serves 6-8 | 2 Hours 20 Mins | Easy

Whether pickled, boiled, roasted, or baked, the versatility of brisket cannot be beaten.

Serves 6-8 | 4 Hours 5 Mins | Easy

This roast leg of lamb with gravy is a testament to the art of slow cooking and simplicity. Enjoy!

Serves 4-5 | 3 Hours 5 Mins | Easy

Lamb with Chamomile Tea is an unusual combination, but this recipe – which uses the contents of chamomile teabags combined with herbs, will make your Easter 2019 a memorable one…

Serves 10- | 3 Hours 30 Mins | Easy

We use both tomato acid (ketchup) and red wine vinegar to allow for a deeper and richer flavour in the sauce.

Serves 4- | 3 Hours 40 Mins | Medium

Nothing says ‘special occasion’ quite like lamb.

Serves 10-12 | 4 Hours 10 Mins | Easy

Every cook should have a good brisket recipe ready for their Christmas feast.

Serves 4-6 | 3 Hours 40 Mins | Easy

The delicious aromas of the shanks slowly braising in the oven will remind you that good things come to those who wait.

Serves 4-6 | 1 Hour 45 Mins | Medium

This comforting classic tops the popularity charts on Father’s Day.

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