Serves 1-2 | 5 Mins | Easy
Local is Lekker

The name Springbokkie (which literally means small Springbok), is a reference to the colours of this shooter which resembles that of the Springbok (the South African national team) jersey – green and gold.

Mention the word Springbok and many South Africans will get teary-eyed this weekend.

What you’ll love: So, let us drink some shooters on the bokke this weekend…


  • What you will need for the springbokkies:
  • 30 ml Peppermint liqueur
  • 30 ml Amarula cream liqueur
  • Nestle Peppermint Crisp Chocolate, melted

How to make the springbokkies:

Dip the rim of the shooter glass in the melted chocolate. Let the chocolate set for 5 minutes.

Pour peppermint liqueur into a shot glass, filling it up halfway.

Now carefully and slowly pour the Amarula cream liqueur against the side of the shot glass, filling the glass up. You can also use a spoon to aid you in this process, as its quite tricky to do it right. Hold the spoon against the side of the shot glass and pour the Amarula cream liqueur directly onto the spoon and into the shot glass.

Chalmar Farm Kitchen advice:

The result should be a clear layer of green peppermint liqueur at the bottom topped by a creamy layer of Amarula cream liqueur. The trick is to ensure that the layers do not mix in the glass, this is achieved by the slow pouring of the cream liqueur.

Ingredients for the peppermint crisp shooters:

50 ml Vodka
80 ml Condensed milk
30ml Fresh cream
1 Bar of Nestle Peppermint Crisp Chocolate

How to make the peppermint crisp shooters:

Combine vodka, condensed milk and cream and shake or stir well. Pour into shot glasses.

You can now top each glass with a decent layer of grated peppermint crisp chocolate.

Chalmar Farm Kitchen advice:

Grated peppermint crisp tends to sink to the bottom of the glass. You may want to serve each shooter with a block or two of peppermint crisp. To drink, pop the block of peppermint crisp into your mouth, empty the shot glass, and chew.