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Summer Meat Saver Hamper

Products included in the Hamper:

2 x 600g Braai chops
2 x 1kg Oom Pottie Boerewors
1 x 1.5kg Rump Portions
2 x 800g Oyster Steak
4 x 500g 95/5 Mince
1 x 1.5kg Patties

  • Ingredients: Boerewors: Beef (Minimum total meat content: 90%, Maximum 30% fat, Water, Cereal (Maize and Wheat), Salt, Natural spices (Irradiated), Filled in a sheep casing, Allergen: Wheat gluten LambPatties: Beef (88%), Water, Cereal (Maize and Wheat), Salt, TVP (Soya), Preservative (Sodium Metabisulphite), Phosphates. Allergen: Wheat gluten, Soya. Beef  
  • Storage Instructions:

    Keep Frozen at -18˚C Until Use.
    Do Not Refreeze After Defrosting.